A longtime, 45-year-resident of Gwinnett County

Laurie McClain is valued and trusted as a leader who has served the county in a variety of ways. Besides volunteering for many different nonprofits, she has given her time to multiple ad hoc county committees. Laurie has also been active in the management of numerous homeowner associations, including her own.

Having operated her own small business in Gwinnett since 1996, Laurie also appreciates the value of every hard-earned dollar, especially when the money comes from taxpayers. Importantly, with a 35-year career in public accounting and a master’s degree in Taxation, she delivers the expertise to achieve big goals while balancing financial constraints.

Her varied experience in leadership and deep commitment to Gwinnett will make Laurie McClain a tremendous asset to District 1 as our County Commissioner.

My Decision

I have spent thousands of hours as a volunteer, striving to improve the lives of Gwinnett County residents. Today, I can best serve Gwinnett as County Commissioner for District 1.

Gwinnett is my home. Having graduated Parkview High School, I am a product of Gwinnett County public education. With our award-winning school system, park system, library system, and so much more, I further couldn’t imagine a better place to raise my three children.

Those assets stem from years of innovative and daring leadership. An enterprising, can-do spirit is what built Gwinnett.

Over the years, our county has exploded in population. Diverse and vibrant, we must focus on all the good accomplished in the past and continue the work that will allow Gwinnett to flourish going forward.

By the same token, we must identify the challenges facing us and address them with 21st century solutions. Such responsibilities require visionaries who are good stewards of our tax dollars. You can count on me to champion innovation while advocating a balanced approach to planning and executing our goals. 


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